for retailers

retailerBarton Marketing offers to retailers and wholesale operators, an in-debt expertise in best performing product categories, provides them with a single point of access to main European manufacturers of goods supplyed directly, and fulfils all the necessary promotional & merchandising activities, including logistical and adminsitrative support.

Benefits for retailers

  • Saved Time. Our company provides already established and proved professional connections with specialized European manufacturers, with the ability to address local demands.
  • Saved Money. Our knowledge of the market situation and specific needs of local trade operators, allows us to better define commercial policies and adapt the manufacturers offer.
  • Saved Energy. The collaboration between parties is coordinated by only one company, rather than by many different parties in many product categories and countries.
  • Constant Quality. Our company fulfils selection, pre-contract factory audit and constant quality control on the trade operators' behalf.
  • Shipments' Continuity. All the shipments are realized and guaranteed by manufacturers specialized in producing and supplying its products to the biggest retail chains in the main European and international markets.
  • Sales Up. The right products display, its effective in-store promotion and timely reset, guarantee the products' turnover increase.
  • Business on the increase. Efficient introduction of new product categories, increasing number of end consumers attracted by quality products at competitive prices, efficient sales support by means of professional marketing services, all together determine the increase of core businesses of our partners.

featured services

Considering goals and objectives of retailers, consisting in assortment and turnover maximization in terms of one square meter of the trading space, we offer the following selection of services, best meeting their interests:


  • Our Company is specialized in Food and Beverages products of the following most requested categories, manufactured by leading European manufacturers and packaged for retail trade under Private Labels as well as under manufacturers' Brands...

our difference

1 We do not take title to goods buying and reselling them 
2 We maintain relationships between manufacturers and customers direct
3 We exclude conflicts of interests within product groups
4 Our clients keep total control of their prices, margins and budgets
5 Our services are professional, comprehensive, aimed at the maximum results

market information

  • russian retail trade

    At the beginning of the 21st century, the Russian retail sector faced continual confrontations and conflicts in retailer-supplier relationships. These conflicts reflected a power imbalance that originated from a fundamental transformation of supply chains.
  • russian food market

    The market growth rates slow down due to complex of factors The Russian packaged food market saw growth slowing down along the review period with its current value growth declining from 20% in 2007 to 9% in 2012. The beginning of the review period saw…