Retail Merchandising

Retail stores are an extremely competitive environment, with thousands of products and brands, so ensuring the products' maximum visibility, displaying them in a way to draw the shoppers' greatest possible attention to the needed brand - is one of the crucial factors of the products' success on the market.

Barton Marketing merchandisers assist with product rotation and play an important role in its sales, by maintaining clients' brands available within stores, positioned on the right shelves with sufficient space to prevent out-of-stocks, adjacent to the right products and supported by visual materials.

Our Retail Merchandising services include:
  • Display fixtures
  • Product placement
  • New item introduction
  • Out-of-stock correction

about us

  • Barton Marketing is a Russian international marketing company, since 2006 operating on the Russian market, and since 2009 totally focused on introduction and promotion on the local market of imported Food & Beverage products.

what we offer to

  • Manufacturers

    Barton Marketing offers to manufacturers the most efficient way to enter the Russian market, by selling directly to the Russian Modern Trade and Wholesale operators. We fulfil…
  • Retailers

    Barton Marketing offers to retailers and wholesale operators an in-debt expertise in best performing product categories, provides them with a single point of access to main European…