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Barton Marketing is specialized in promotion on the Russian market of Food & Beverages products, of the following most requested categories, manufactured by leading European manufacturers, packaged and supplied directly to the Russian trade operators, both under Private Labels and under manufacturers' Brands:

Full range of wet and dry pet food products, both for cats and dogs, manufactured by specialized manufacturers, both under international brands supplied to the market through multinational food companies, and under Private Labels marketed by the biggest retail chains.

Italy is the biggest European manufacturer and supplier of high-quality fresh fruit & vegetables, including Biological (Organic) products. Ready to direct delivery Italian apples, pears, peaches, kiwi, plums, grapes, citron, and many others, are packed for retail trade, as well as under retail operators' brand names.

surg ENfrozen food
Frozen food including frozen ready meals, represents one of the most perspective segments actively growing all over the world. The range of frozen products includes: Italian pizza; European kinds of bread; ready first and second dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine with seafoods; garnishes; vegetables; frozen fish and seafoods; and many others.

organic-products ENORGANIC RODUCTS
Organic or biologically pure food products made with use of natural resources and technologies excluding use of pesticides, preservatives, GMO, chemical and other artificial components - have allways more space on the shelfs of retail stores. The Organic or Bio products are in appropriate way marked, labeled and certificated, and include all the main food product categories.

alco ENvine & spirits 
The category is composed by: table wines supplied under retailers' Private Labels, produced in Spain and Italy; vintage wines of main Italian manufacturers (Tuscany, Piedmont, Veneto, Puglia, Sicily), sparkling wines and Prosecco; dessert wines; grappa and amaro; wide assortment of liquors such as Limoncello, Sambuca, Amaretto and others; red and white Torino Vermouth; brandy; Italian beer produced by family breweries.

generalfood2 ENgeneral grocery
The given category, includes all the main groups of food products such as: pasta made of hard sorts of wheat; "extra virgin" olive oil; ready sauces and dressings; tinned tomatoes and vegetables; sausage products and ham; natural coffee and chocolate; confectionery products and snacks; juices and soft drinks.

featured services

Considering interests of manufacturers in penetration and acquisition of new markets for manufactured products, our company offers the following range of services in the Russian  market, best fitting their targets and goals:

our difference

1 We do not take title to goods buying and reselling them 
2 We maintain relationships between manufacturers and customers direct
3 We exclude conflicts of interests within product groups
4 Our clients keep total control of their prices, margins and budgets
5 Our services are professional, comprehensive, aimed at the maximum results

market information

  • russian retail trade

    At the beginning of the 21st century, the Russian retail sector faced continual confrontations and conflicts in retailer-supplier relationships. These conflicts reflected a power imbalance that originated from a fundamental transformation of supply chains.
  • russian food market

    The market growth rates slow down due to complex of factors The Russian packaged food market saw growth slowing down along the review period with its current value growth declining from 20% in 2007 to 9% in 2012. The beginning of the review period saw…