Consumer Promotion

According to the statistics 70% of shoppers make a decision to purchase one or another product, already being at the store. That's why it is very important to create engagement stimulating the shoppers' interest and motivating them to make a purchase, as soon as they walk through a store's front door.

Our experience coupled with deep understanding of brand, consumer and retailer, allows Barton Marketing to design creative programmes and implement activities, aimed at increasing demand for our clients' products in retail stores and influencing the shoppers along the path to purchase.

Our Consumer Promotion activities include:
  • Demonstrations
  • Consumer incentives
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Special pricing
  • Gifts and sampling

about us

  • Barton Marketing is a Russian international marketing company, since 2006 operating on the Russian market, and since 2009 totally focused on introduction and promotion on the local market of imported Food & Beverage products.

what we offer to

  • Manufacturers

    Barton Marketing offers to manufacturers the most efficient way to enter the Russian market, by selling directly to the Russian Modern Trade and Wholesale operators. We fulfil…
  • Retailers

    Barton Marketing offers to retailers and wholesale operators an in-debt expertise in best performing product categories, provides them with a single point of access to main European…