Import Management

The companies involved in the importation of goods, understand with how many issues they have to deal with from purchase order to final delivery. Besides the borders a shipment has to cross, that add complexity to the physical movement of goods, there is also a myriad of various government rules and regulations with which companies must comply.

Barton Marketing assists manufacturers and importers, arranging and managing for them the entire import process - from international contract preparation to final delivery, including customs clearance, and ensuring maximum Supply Chain efficiency in terms of improved cross-border movement, reduced costs and cycle times.

Our Import Management services include:
  • International contract
  • International freight forwarding
  • Freight consolidation,
  • Custom clearance,
  • Custom warehousing
  • Final delivery

about us

  • Barton Marketing is a Russian international marketing company, since 2006 operating on the Russian market, and since 2009 totally focused on introduction and promotion on the local market of imported Food & Beverage products.

what we offer to

  • Manufacturers

    Barton Marketing offers to manufacturers the most efficient way to enter the Russian market, by selling directly to the Russian Modern Trade and Wholesale operators. We fulfil…
  • Retailers

    Barton Marketing offers to retailers and wholesale operators an in-debt expertise in best performing product categories, provides them with a single point of access to main European…